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Hello, Witches. 


Seeking a way to deepen your practice in style? Join us to celebrate the new moon in Scorpio in the Hamptons for a weekend of magic and luxury. We will work with the metaphysical and healing practices of Tarot, Yoga, Breathwork, Herbology, and Cacao Ceremonies. All participants will not only experience a transformative and healing getaway but also leave with new tools and practices for their own ritual work. 

WHEN: Friday, October 25th - Sunday, October 27th

WHERE: A luxurious estate in East Hampton, NY

WHAT: Prepare to be Pampered

We’ll start the weekend with plant-based welcome elixirs on Friday. No camping or bunk beds here. You'll be pampered all weekend, starting with Magical AF gift bags waiting in your room upon arrival.

The weekend package includes: 

  • Luxurious Hamptons accommodations from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon

  • Morning yoga

  • Guided Meditations and Breathwork classes with Stephanie Wallace

  • Reiki sessions

  • Private Tarot reading w Cardsy B

  • Tarot/numerology rituals

  • Moonlit beach rituals

  • Snake skin and fire ceremonies

  • Cacao ceremony with take-home recipes

  • Herbology ritual course (with a take-home custom made herbal exfoliant scrub and herbal healing bath)

  • All meals and snacks consisting of herb-based teas and drinks, gluten-free, plant-based meals (Mostly Vegan w/ pescatarian and egg options available) 


HOW: Getting there


For those of you City Witches who prefer not to drive, transit is quite easy and civilized. You can travel direct from Midtown Manhattan via Long Island Railroad and the Hamptons Jitney. All travel links and details are sent to you immediately upon ticket purchase.


I Wanna Go: But I'm struggling with $$$


That's why we have payment plans and want to make this as accessible as possible! We've done our homework. In fact, Cardsy B.  - aka the Chief Witchy Officer - has attended countless retreats around the world. She's seen everything from tents and horror movie style camp cabins to Canyon Ranch & Goop getaways. Here's a little breakdown to show you what you're getting for your money: 

The current standard for US Weekend Wellness and Yoga Retreats includes camping in the woods for a weekend with VERY bare bones sleeping and bathing quarters. Think outhouses and/or high school gym locker style showers for $850 - $ 1000+. **actual photos below ** 

And yes, of course, there are retreats with fantastic luxury accommodations- Gwyneth P. and Oprah have to meditate SOMEWHERE, right? But it's gonna cost ya... Habitas and Canyon Ranch weekends run from $3,000 - $5,000 while Goop goes for 4,500 Pounds or around $5,700 US dollars.


What about those of us who wanna practice our magic in luxury but are still manifesting the Oprah bucks? City Witch makes that possible. Not just with working plumbing and heat but also delicious plant-based meals, comfortable, lavish living quarters and thoughtfully curated rituals, courses, and gift bags. So what are you waiting for, Witches?