Like the Major Arcana High Priestess card, this all natural coffee body scrub heightens intuition and connection to the inner and spiritual realms


Great as a gift or a treat for yourself!


What to do:

1. Get naked , prefereably in the shower or bath


2. Rub the scrub all over dampened skin


3. Wait 30secs - 2min (you can wash your hair in the meantime) and then rinse off for smooth exfoliated sparkling skin




Whats in it and Why:


Organic Coffee: energy, success, stimulates blood circulation and reduces cellulite


Organic Coconut Sugar: clears toxins


Mugwort: intuition and lucid dreams


Lemongrass: psychic cleansing & opening


Coconut Oil: protection & purification


Mica: growth and self love - and gives you a sexy shimmer

High Priestess All Natural Coffee Body Scrub