Badass Bitches Tarot by Cardsy B Candles celebrate the most popular stars from the Badass Bitches Tarot Deck to bring their influence into your daily practice. Each candle comes complete with artwork of an iconic Badass Bitch, description of her card, a candle charged by the full moon with crystals specific to the card and the desciption of a recommended ritual.


Contents: 8” Pillar Candle with Full Color Artwork and Description


Dolly has an infectious, childlike, and joyous energy that makes her the perfect Knight of Cups. This card is full of passionate idealism, romantic charm and ease. This candle attracts love, romance and passion. This candle was charged in the full moon light with Rose Quartz and Blood Stone crystals.

Knight of Cups - Dolly Parton - Love Candle

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